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Hall of Fame

J. Fütterer, S. Bouwense, I. van Oort, F. Schröder, H. Huisman,

J. Barentsz

European Urology 2012;61:177–184


Immunocytology Is a Strong Predictor of Bladder

Cancer Presence in Patients With Painless Hematuria:

A Multicentre Study

E.K. Cha, L.-A. Tirsar, C. Schwentner, P.J. Christos, C. Mian,

J. Hennenlotter, T. Martini, A. Stenzl, A. Pycha, S.F. Shariat,

B.J. Schmitz-Dräger

European Urology 2012;61:185–192


Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Testing Is Prevalent and

Increasing in Stockholm County, Sweden, Despite No

Recommendations for PSA Screening: Results from a

Population-based Study, 2003–2011

T. Nordström, M. Aly, M.S. Clements, C.E. Weibull, J. Adolfsson,

H. Grönberg

European Urology 2013;63:419–425


Metformin and Prostate Cancer: Reduced Development

of Castration-resistant Disease and Prostate Cancer


D.E. Spratt, C. Zhang, Z.S. Zumsteg, X. Pei, Z. Zhang, M.J. Zelefsky

European Urology 2013;63:709–716


Propensity-Matched Comparison of Morbidity and

Costs of Open and Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomies:

A Contemporary Population-Based Analysis in the

United States

J.J. Leow, S.W. Reese, W. Jiang, S.R. Lipsitz, J. Bellmunt, Q.-D. Trinh,

B.I. Chung, A.S. Kibel, Steven L. Chang

European Urology 2014;66:569–576


Survival Outcome and Treatment Response of Patients

with Late Relapse from Renal Cell Carcinoma in the

Era of Targeted Therapy

N. Kroeger, T.K. Choueiri, J.-L. Lee, G.A. Bjarnason, J.J. Knox,

M.J. MacKenzie, L. Wood, S. Srinivas, U.N. Vaishamayan,

S.-Y. Rha, S.K. Pal, T. Yuasa, F. Donskov, N. Agarwal, M.-H. Tan,

A. Bamias, C.K. Kollmannsberger, S.A. North, B.I. Rini, D.Y.C. Heng

European Urology 2014;65:1086–1092


Efficacy of enzalutamide following abiraterone acetate

in chemotherapy-naive metastatic castration-resistant

prostate cancer patients

A.A. Azad, B.J. Eigl, R.N. Murray, C. Kollmannsberger, K.N. Chi

European Urology 2015;67:23–29


Preoperative Prostate-specific Antigen Isoform p2PSA

and Its Derivatives, %p2PSA and Prostate Health Index,

Predict Pathologic Outcomes in Patients Undergoing

Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer: Results

from a Multicentric European Prospective Study

N. Fossati, N.M. Buffi, A. Haese, C. Stephan, A. Larcher,

T. McNicholas, A. de la Taille, M. Freschi, G. Lughezzani, A. Abrate,

V. Bini, J. Palou Redorta, M. Graefen, G. Guazzoni, M. Lazzeri

European Urology 2015;68:132–138


Renal Cell Carcinoma Programmed Death-ligand 1, a

New Direct Target of Hypoxia-inducible Factor-2 Alpha,

is Regulated by von Hippel–Lindau Gene Mutation Status

Y. Messai, S. Gad, M.Z. Noman, G. Le Teuff, S. Couve, B. Janji,

S.F. Kammerer, N. Rioux-Leclerc, M. Hasmim, S. Ferlicot, V. Baud,

A. Mejean, D.R. Mole, S. Richard, A.M.M. Eggermont, L. Albiges,

F. Mami-Chouaib, B. Escudier, S. Chouaib

European Urology 2016;70:623–632


Results of a Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing

Intravesical Chemohyperthermia with Mitomycin C

Versus Bacillus Calmette-Guérin for Adjuvant Treatment

of Patients with Intermediate- and High-risk Non–Muscle-

invasive Bladder Cancer

T.J.H. Arends, O. Nativ, M. Maffezzini, O. de Cobelli, G. Canepa,

F. Verweij, B. Moskovitz, A.G. van der Heijden, J.A. Witjes

European Urology 2016;69:1046–1052

Best Paper in Robotic Surgery


Pilot Validation Study of the European Association of

Urology Robotic Training Curriculum

A. Volpe, K. Ahmed, P. Dasgupta, V. Ficarra, G. Novara, H. van der Poel,

A. Mottrie

European Urology 2015;68:292–299


Measuring to Improve: Peer and Crowd-sourced

Assessments of Technical Skill with Robot-assisted

Radical Prostatectomy

K.R. Ghani, D.C. Miller, S. Linsell, A. Brachulis, B. Lane, R. Sarle,

D. Dalela, M. Menon, B. Comstock, T.S. Lendvay, J. Montie, J.O. Peabody,

for the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative

European Urology 2016;69:547–550