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Positive Surgical Margin Appears to Have Negligible

Impact on Survival of Renal Cell Carcinomas Treated

by Nephron-Sparing Surgery

K. Bensalah, A.J. Pantuck, N. Rioux-Leclercq, R. Thuret, F. Montorsi,

P. Karakiewicz, N. Mottet, L. Zini, R. Bertini, L. Salomon, A. Villers,


J. Ferriere, J. Bernhard, T. Dujardin, et al.

European Urology


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Pentafecta: A New Concept for Reporting Outcomes of

Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

V. Patel, A. Sivaraman, R. Coelho, S. Chauhan, K. Palmer, M. Orvieto,

I. Camacho, G. Coughlin, B. Rocco

European Urology 2011;59:702–707


Pathologic Downstaging Is a Surrogate Marker for

Efficacy and Increased Survival Following Neoadjuvant

Chemotherapy and Radical Cystectomy for Muscle-

Invasive Urothelial Bladder Cancer

R. Rosenblatt, A. Sherif, E. Rintala, R. Wahlqvist, A. Ullén,

M. Nilsson, P.-U. Malmström, the Nordic Urothelial Cancer Group

European Urology 2012;61:1229–1238


Final Results of an EORTC-GUCancers Group Randomized

Study of Maintenance Bacillus Calmette-Guérin in

Intermediate- and High-risk Ta, T1 Papillary Carcinoma

of the Urinary Bladder: One-third Dose Versus Full Dose

and 1 Year Versus 3 Years of Maintenance

J. Oddens, M. Brausi, R. Sylvester, A. Bono, C. van de Beek,

G. van Andel, P. Gontero, W. Hoeltl, L. Turkeri, S. Marreaud,

S. Collette, W. Oosterlinck

European Urology 2013;63:462–472


Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Strain Differences Have

an Impact on Clinical Outcome in Bladder Cancer


C.A. Rentsch, F.D. Birkhäuser, C. Biot, J.R. Gsponer, A. Bisiaux,

C. Wetterauer, M. Lagranderie, G. Marchal, M. Orgeur, C. Bouchier,

A. Bachmann, M.A. Ingersoll, R. Brosch, M.L. Albert, G.N. Thalmann

European Urology 2014;66:677–688


Survival with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Prostate

Cancer in the ‘‘Docetaxel Era’’: Data from 917 Patients

in the Control Arm of the STAMPEDE Trial (MRC PR08,


N.D. James, M.R. Spears, N.W. Clarke, D.P. Dearnaley, J.S. De Bono,

J. Gale, J. Hetherington, P.J. Hoskin, R.J. Jones, R. Laing, J.F. Lester,

D. McLaren, C.C. Parker, M.K.B. Parmar, A.W.S. Ritchie, J.M. Russell,

R.T. Strebel, G.N. Thalmann, M.D. Mason, M.R. Sydes

European Urology 2015;67:1028–1038


A Randomized Controlled Trial To Assess and Compare

the Outcomes of Two-core Prostate Biopsy Guided by

Fused Magnetic Resonance and Transrectal Ultrasound

Images and Traditional 12-core Systematic Biopsy

E. Baco, E. Rud, L.M. Eri, G. Moen, L. Vlatkovic, A. Svindland,

H.B. Eggesbø, O. Ukimura

European Urology 2016;69:149–156

Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research


Frozen Section for the Management of Intraoperatively

Detected Palpable Tumor Lesions During Nerve-Sparing

Scheduled Radical Prostatectomy

C. Eichelberg, A. Erbersdobler, A. Haese, T. Schlomm, F.K.H. Chun,

E. Currlin, J. Walz, T. Steuber, M. Graefen, H. Huland

European Urology 2006;49:1011–1018


Use of Haemostatic Agents and Glues during

Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy: A Multi-Institutional

Survey from the United States and Europe of 1347 Cases

A. Breda, S.V. Stepanian, J.S. Lam, J.C. Liao, I.S. Gill, J.R. Colombo,

G. Guazzoni,M.D. Stifelman, K.T. Perry, A. Celia, G. Breda, P. Fornara,



J.J. De la Rosette, P.M. Laguna, P.G. Schulam

European Urology 2007;52:798–803


Predictive Factors for Progression in Patients with

Clinical Stage T1a Prostate Cancer in the PSA Era

A. Descazeaud, M. Peyromaure, A. Salin, D. Amsellem-Ouazana,

T. Flam, A. Viellefond, B. Debré, M. Zerbib

European Urology 2008;53:355–362


Should All Patients with Non–Muscle-Invasive Bladder

Cancer Receive Early Intravesical Chemotherapy after

Transurethral Resection? The Results of a Prospective

Randomised Multicentre Study


J. Richthoff, G. Hagberg, M. Grabe, P.O. Bendahl, W. Månsson,

F. Liedberg

European Urology 2009;55:773–780

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Complications in 2200 Consecutive Laparoscopic

Radical Prostatectomies: Standardized Evaluation and

Analysis of Learning Curves

M. Hruza, H. Weiß, G. Pini, A. Goezen, M. Schulze, D. Teber, J. Rassweiler

European Urology


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