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Hall of Fame


Indium-111-labeled Girentuximab ImmunoSPECT as

a Diagnostic Tool in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

C.H.J. Muselaers, O.C. Boerman, E. Oosterwijk, J.F. Langenhuijsen,

W.J.G. Oyen, P.F.A. Mulders

European Urology 2013;63:1101–1106


Renal Function After Nephron-sparing Surgery

Versus Radical Nephrectomy: Results from EORTC

Randomized Trial 30904

E. Scosyrev, E.M. Messing, R. Sylvester, S. Campbell, H. Van Poppel

European Urology 2014;65:372–377


Combination Treatment with Mirabegron and Solifenacin in

Patients with Overactive Bladder: Efficacy and Safety Results

from a Randomised, Double-blind, Dose-ranging, Phase 2

Study (Symphony)

P. Abrams, C. Kelleher, D. Staskin, T. Rechberger, R. Kay,

R. Martina, D. Newgreen, A. Paireddy, R. van Maanen, A. Ridder

European Urology 2015:67:577–588


PI-RADS Prostate Imaging – Reporting and Data System: 2015,

Version 2

J.C. Weinreb*, J.O. Barentsz*, P.L. Choyk, F. Cornu, M.A. Haider,

K.J. Macur, D. Margolis, M.D. Schnall, F. Shtern, C.M. Tempany,

H.C. Thoeny, S. Verma

European Urology 2016;69:16–40

* These authors share first authorship.

Residents’ Corner


Initial Biopsy Outcome Prediction—Head-to-Head

Comparison of a Logistic Regression-Based Nomogram

versus Artificial Neural Network

F.K.-H. Chun, M. Graefen, A. Briganti, A. Gallina, J. Hopp,

M.W. Kattan, H. Huland, P.I. Karakiewicz

European Urology 2007;51:1236–1243


hK2 and Free PSA, a Prognostic Combination in Predicting

Minimal Prostate Cancer in Screen-Detected Men within

the PSA Range 4–10 ng/ml

R. Raaijmakers, S.H. de Vries, B.G. Blijenberg, M.F. Wildhagen,

R. Postma, C.H. Bangma, C. Darte, F.H. Schröder

European Urology 2007;52:1358–1364


Evaluation of Prostate Cancer Detection with Ultrasound

Real-Time Elastography: A Comparison with Step Section

Pathological Analysis after Radical Prostatectomy

G. Salomon, J. Köllerman, I. Thederan, F.K.H. Chun, L. Budäus,

T. Schlomm, H. Isbarn, H. Heinzer, H. Huland, M. Graefen

European Urology 2008;54:1354–1362


Radical Prostatectomy for Incidental (Stage T1a–T1b)

Prostate Cancer: Analysis of Predictors for Residual

Disease and Biochemical Recurrence


R. Colombo, P.I. Karakiewicz, P. Rigatti, F. Montorsi

European Urology 2008;54:118–125


Influence of Nerve Transsections and Combined

Bladder Filling on Intravesical Electrostimulation-

Induced Bladder Contraction in the Rat

L. De Bock, S. De Wachter, J.J. Wyndaele

European Urology 2009;56:527–533

Sponsored By Eli Lilly


The Role of Biopsy Core Number in Selecting Prostate

Cancer Patients for Active Surveillance

M. Ploussard, E. Xylinas, L. Salomon, Y. Allory, D. Vordos, A. Hoznek,

C.-C. Abbou, A. de la Taille

European Urology 2009;56:891–898

Sponsored By Eli Lilly


Midterm Prospective Evaluation of TVT-Secur Reveals

High Failure Rate

J.N. Cornu, P. Sèbe, L. Peyrat, C. Ciofu, O. Cussenot, F. Haab

European Urology



HYAL-1 Hyaluronidase: A Potential Prognostic Indicator

for Progression to Muscle Invasion and Recurrence in

Bladder Cancer

M.W. Kramer, R. Golshani, A.S. Merseburger, J. Knapp, A. Garcia,

J. Hennenlotter, R.C. Duncan, M.S. Soloway, M. Jorda, M.A. Kuczyk,

A. Stenzl, V.B. Lokeshwar

European Urology 2010;57:86–94


Exosomes as Biomarker Treasure Chests for Prostate


D. Duijvesz, T. Luider, C. Bangma, G. Jenster

European Urology 2011;59:823–831


Cancer-Specific and Other-Cause Mortality After Radical

Prostatectomy Versus Observation in Patients with

Prostate Cancer: Competing-Risks Analysis of a Large

North American Population-Based Cohort

F. Abdollah, M. Sun, J. Schmitges, Z. Tian, C. Jeldres, A. Briganti,

L. Shariat, P. Perrotte, F. Montorsi, P. Karakiewicz

European Urology 2011;60:920–930


Prospective Assessment of Prostate Cancer Aggres-

siveness Using 3-T Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic

Resonance Imaging–Guided Biopsies Versus a Systematic

10-Core Transrectal Ultrasound Prostate Biopsy Cohort

T. Hambrock, C. Hoeks, C. Hulsbergen-van de Kaa, T. Scheenen,